April 17, 2016

Product Offerings

CalcCredit Analysis

Most training engagements start with one of our common courses in credit analysis and writing.  Each class is designed to be interactive and engaging while focusing on how to communicate a meaningful credit analysis.  From there, we partner with you to ensure that attendees will leave with the skills they need to succeed in your organization.  Classes can also be structured with follow up activities to cement learning objectives.


Policy ImplementationPen

Clients in the midst of change or looking to streamline processes will benefit from our experience in implementing credit policy.  We can help translate your credit policies into everyday requirements for employees.  Each engagement is bespoke and likely will result in a suite of detailed processes, templates, checklists and other job aids to make policy compliance simple.  We can develop materials for rolling out policy changes as well as deliver sessions geared towards managers and individual contributors.

IOBusiness Acumen

Everyone makes business decisions.  Everyone impacts business results.  We are pleased to offer Income|Outcome business simulation workshops in partnership with Andromeda Simulations International.  This flexible, game-like experience will help participants make the connection between their everyday actions and the bottom line.  Business acumen training is applicable to many industries, not just financial services, and can be customized if needed.