May 5, 2016

Course Descriptions


When you engage Lyon Consulting to deliver credit training to your team, you are making an investment in your best resource. We work with you to ensure that investment is tied to your business needs. A key element of that process is to discuss early on what success will look like so we can design and develop an effective program with the end result in mind.


Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis is a fundamental part of credit. In this course, participants will learn how to analyze company operating cycles, evaluate historical performance, and generate projections. The course includes a section devoted to industry analysis. Basic understanding of accounting statements is required. Credit Writing is recommended.

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Credit for Non-Credit Professionals

Effective salespeople are often the ones that understand what is or is not within their organization’s credit appetite. This course provides non-credit professionals with the basics to make them more efficient or can serve as a transition course for individuals who want to explore whether credit is an area of interest. No pre-requisites.

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Credit Writing

This course provides participants with tools to streamline their writing so that decision makers get the information they need quickly and efficiently. Participants will learn key elements of style while practicing writing a meaningful risk analysis. Content can be modified for each client to highlight specific areas of concern. Engagements can also include post-course assessment of participants’ credit memos. No pre-requisites are needed for this class, although familiarity with the elements in a typical credit memo is recommended.

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Enterprise Valuation

Participants will leave this course with the ability to develop a discounted cash flow valuation that is consistent with their expectations for company performance and the four drivers of value — cash flow, time to maturity, long-term growth, and risk. Participants will also practice writing an appropriate summary of the valuation assumptions and analysis of the output. Cash Flow Analysis or similar experience is required. Credit Writing is recommended.

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Everyone makes business decisions.  Everyone impacts business results.  The Income|Outcome business simulation workshops are offered in partnership with Andromeda Simulations International.  This flexible, game-like experience will help participants make the connection between their everyday actions and the bottom line.  Business acumen training is applicable to many job functions and industries.

Introduction to Credit Analysis

New analysts can be overwhelmed when they first begin. This two-day class is designed to give them the fundamental skills they need to analyze how a company generates cash and is performing while also teaching effective credit writing skills.

Risk Classification

This course is focused on the regulatory risk classification system used by the FRB, FDIC and OCC. Participants will learn the different risk classifications and key characteristics of each. They will practice assigning risk classifications in different scenarios and discuss how risk class assignment is not always black and white. The course ends with a section dedicated to writing a concise and meaningful risk classification analysis. After taking the class, participants will be better positioned to identify non-Pass credits prior to origination and to follow regulatory requirements in portfolio management. No pre-requisites, although Cash Flow Analysis and Credit Writing are recommended.

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Structuring for Loans

An appropriate loan structure can mitigate risks inherent to a potential borrower. Participants will learn when cash flow loans and asset-based loans can be best utilized and key elements in each structure. A capstone case study will give participants practice in developing an appropriate structure to mitigate risk. This course can be expanded to include mock credit committees with your organizations senior credit leaders. Cash Flow Analysis or similar experience is required.

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